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Webdesign ja graafinen suunnittelu /web layout /videoeditoi

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Webdesign ja graafinen suunnittelu /web layout /videoeditoi

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  • Maksu Käteiset, pankkisiirto
  • Sijainti Helsinki, Helsinki, Uusimaa
  • Lisätty 20.07.2019 18:16

Hello everyone!

My name is Alex.
I am a UI/UX: Web and Graphic Designer with 9 years of experience.
The purpose of my ad, to offer you cooperation.

I occupy:
1) * Web and graphic design - that is, creating web layouts
for web pages, work with any other graphics
ideas, for example: the brochure design, application design, design
advertising booklets, creating corporate identity, creating
logos, drawing, and prototyping.
2) * I own the knowledge of Web programming, that is
I program websites, I make them up using: HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, PHP.
I also work with popular CMS: Wordpress and Joomla.
3) * Also, I create, edit, edit video.

Price graphics: from 14 .
Price for web design: from 165
(from 5 blocks per page).
Price UI / UX design: from 179
(from 15 screens, frames per application).
Price for web programming: from 160 
Price for video editing: from 10

Price for promotion-target: from 15 000  (+ budget for promotion).
Price for SEO: from14 000

If you are interested in my offer, feel free to
write me mail or telegrams and other messengers.
Cooperation is always ready.

Portfolio: https://mssg.me/alexltg_design


Email: alex.rogachev@latgola.org
Telegram: @ AlexLTG24


Thanks for attention.